God is so amazing in guiding the right people to our business at just the right time. Kent was one of those people! He was easy to talk to and his strong ethics and faith were so refreshing. I felt totally at ease in trusting him with our credit card processing business.

Our opening day was absolutely crazy but Kent was right there on the phone with our POS technician working out the kinks in our system. He went totally above and beyond the call of duty and even left a backup credit card reader for the first week just in case we needed it.

I’m so glad God brought Kent to my path. He’s allowed me to check off one part of running our Christian bookstore without any worries!

- Joyce Barbatti, Owner
TJ's Christian Bookstore; Cedar Falls, IA
Joyce Barbatti, Owner

We switched to Purity Pay and have been extremely happy!  Not only did we save $1,500 per year, but Kent also helped us get out of an extremely bad, auto-renewing long-term contract our previous processor had us tied into. That processor also charged us $1,200 over 2 years for a payment terminal that would have cost us less than $200 had we bought it outright.

We like Purity Pay because there are no long-term contracts and no cancellation penalties. Plus, they provided us a terminal for us to use for FREE. It is refreshing to work with a company you can trust in this industry—one that truly cares about our needs and provides outstanding service.

I highly recommend talking to Kent and Purity Pay for your processing!

- Eric Recker, DDS
Recker Dental Care; Pella, IA
Eric Recker, DDS

"I’ve known Kent for years and knew I could trust him but just recently got around to having him look over my statement.  I wished I would have done it years ago.  There were all sorts of hidden upcharges in rates and fees.  He saved me almost $1,500 per year and we are very happy with the service he has provided.  I would highly recommend Purity Pay."

- Keith Whittemore, DDS
Waterloo, IA
Keith Whittemore, DDS

"As an office manager of a busy dental practice, I appreciate how quickly Purity Pay responds to our requests. We don't need to contact them often,  but when we do, they answer. No phone trees or long wait times. We use a virtual terminal that still allows us to accept chip cards, set up recurring payment plans and it's simple to look up transactions from last week or a year ago.  We love it!"

- Melissa Snyder, Office Manager
Lakeshore Family Dentistry; Panora, IA
Melissa Snyder, Office Manager

"I've been processing with Purity Pay for almost 2 years and we are saving almost $8,000 per year. They made it simple and easy to switch and even handled the paperwork for me. We love their personal approach to service. So nice to work with a company that cares. My only regret is not switching sooner for the savings.  I would highly recommend them."

- Lonnie Easter, DDS
Johnston Dental; Johnston, IA
Lonnie Easter, DDS

"We switched our five dental practices to Purity Pay and certainly we saved money, but we really gained trust and security with our merchant services company. Thanks for everything!"

- Steffany Mohan, DDS
Owner, Plaza Dental Group; West Des Moines, IA
Steffany Mohan, DDS

"As someone completely naïve to credit card processing and compliance, Kent was instrumental in launching my business in the right direction.

I appreciate how Kent analyzed Purity Pay’s pricing and processing types compared to another competitor endorsed by my professional association. He does not lock you into any vague long-term contracts like his large company competitors, so I am assured Kent wants the best for my small business.

Kent is proactive in his approach – he came out to do a security update with no questions asked and filled out all of the back-end paperwork for compliance so I could focus on my practice. I appreciate his genuine desire to educate his clients and also the ability to provide clear, honest payment processing."

- Daniel Nelson, DDS
Springbrook Family Dentistry; Guthrie Center, IA
Daniel Nelson, DDS

I can't say enough positive things about Kent and Purity Pay. We have been working with Kent for about three years and we receive the same awesome service today as we did on day one. He is quickly responsive when a question arises regarding our processing. Kent explains things in a very easy to understand language – you don’t have to be an expert in credit card processing to talk to him.

He has helped us implement a user-friendly and cost efficient credit card processing system. We love having the option to set our patients up on recurring payments through this system.

I have, and will continue to, recommend Kent and Purity Pay to other dental offices, friends, and family members who own businesses that need credit card processing.  I’ve never had a vendor who is as responsive and “happy to do it” as Kent is – no matter what time of day, and no matter how big or small the question is.

- Delores Trunage, Office Manager
Thompson and Frey Dentistry; Owensboro, KY
Delores Trunage, Office Manager

"Kent is very professional and is saving my business money...lots of money! Very worth letting him do a comparison for your business, you won't be disappointed!"

- Nancy Wolf, Owner
Karen's Print-Rite; Waterloo, IA
Nancy Wolf, Owner

"I was referred to Purity Pay by a business contact after being fed up with tricky fees and confusing credit card processing statements.

From the moment we spoke, Kent and his team made me feel very comfortable. I could tell this was a company that wants to do right by their customers. I just felt better talking to the same person and not feeling like someone was lying to me the whole time.

I decided to make the switch. Not only did it make financial sense, but they made the process simple, even helping me fill out the paperwork. I would highly recommend Purity Pay to any business needing a solid, trustworthy credit card processing company."

- Brian Martin, DDS
Martin Family Dentistry; Santa Barbara, CA
Brian Martin, DDS